November 29, 2014
By: Tech_Advancer



I'm Tech_Advancer. I'm a college student studying Computer Science and I work on the website whenever I have free time. I'm in no way an "expert", but I enjoy reading and learning about anything computer related. I believe that knowledge should be passed on whenever possible, so I made this website. My friends help post things and I mostly deal with the backend code running the site. (Although I do post.)


A few facts about me:


Contact Info:

You can always email me at Click here to find my [updated!] OpenPGP key. (Fingerprint: D1A6 69FF C06E 3B66 63DC B70F 8BCA 6745 3643 EA33)


Why my Username is Tech_Advancer:

This message is for everyone, not just programmers. I realize that it is pretty long, but I feel that this is something I have to post as a whole. Leaving it in parts destroys its meaning.

This website is directed towards game development, but many of the ideas and principles taught are usable in "real-world" programming. I know what you are thinking, "That is boring, dull, and who would ever want to write boring things like accounting software?" Just wait and listen to me!

I don't know if it is just me, but I don't view the world as nations or lands. I only see the human race as a whole. (Not trying to be a hippy here.) We are all together in a way that we are able to survive on this land. Although we have surpassed "just surviving", my point remains. We still all work together, whether we realize it or not, to improve our lives. A scientist may be working on a cure for a disease, but had to get the knowledge to do it from somewhere. Perhaps a book or website? Both of those require authors who write the textbooks the scientist may have read years ago while he/she was in school. The author needs to eat and probably stops by restaurants every once in a while. The cook at the restaurant probably needs someone to pick up his trash every week. This example just shows how we are all working together to support one another. Although I'm not the scientist working on a cure, I support the scientist through this spiderweb of human interactions that push the human race as a whole. Some people would call that progress. I call progress the act of finding ways to make life easier for the next generation.

I'm asking everyone, EVERYONE to look at their own spiderweb of human interaction. Find out what you are good at and work on problems around you with it! I'm a programmer, so I naturally direct my speech in that way, but everyone has something they can contribute to this world. Even if you aren't good at solving problems, you can help direct and support the people that are. If you are an artist, draw about the issues you see. If you are an author, write about it! If you are a waiter at a restaurant, talk to your customers about it when you can! Even if you can't solve the problem yourself, you can inspire someone else into solving it. All of this is in the hopes that the next generation is slightly better than the one before it.

Although I am a programmer, I'm still not good enough to do great things like write programs that help find cures for cancer. Maybe I never will be, but in the mean time, I'm contributing what I can to the rest of the world by writing programming tutorials on the few things I do know. I'm trying to share the information I have, as well as my hopes for a better world. That is why I chose the username Tech_Advancer.

I hope there are others in the world that share my view on this.

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