How you can help us out!

How you can help us out!

November 6, 2014
By: Tech_Advancer

Help us out! We are mostly a bunch of college students working on this in our free time. We love this site but, we don't have the resources to do more for the site at this time. There are a few ways you can help us out.

1) The most obvious way is to donate to us. Our bitcoin address is: -updating this-.

2) Obvious again, tell your friends about us. Post about us on facebook, twitter, or any website that an interested person might see.

3) Post some tutorials of your own in the forums! If you are good at something, try to help others learn about it! If it is good enough, we might even post it to the website. Try to make it good and be sure there is no copyrighted work in it. If we don't take it, then it's nothing personal. We have reasons.

4) Check and post on the forums. Make the forums look alive. People don't like forums when nobody posts anything back.

5) Tell us about any problems with our website or the work on it. You can post about it in the forums or email problems to me at: - My OpenPGP Key can be found here.

6) Are we missing something or are you able to add something? Tell us! Post it in the forums or email me at: - My OpenPGP Key can be found here.

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