Steghide: Hide your files in plain sight!

Steghide: Hide your files in plain sight!

August 9, 2017
By: Tech_Advancer

Steghide lets you take your files and hide them inside of a JPEG/JPG image. This is the tool that TOMB uses to hide keyfiles with. To get started, let's install steghide. Open up the linux terminal and enter this:

sudo apt-get install steghide

Embedding Data:

To get started, find a JPEG/JPG image you want to use and a file you want to hide. In this example, I'm hiding "test.txt" inside of the picture "test.jpg". To do that, run this command:

steghide embed -ef ./test.txt -cf ./test.jpg

Steghide will ask for a password to protect the data with. Enter it twice and continue. "-ef" is the file to encrypt (ef = encrypt file for short) and "-cf" is the cover file (the file we are hiding something in). If we wanted to embed the data into a copy of the picture rather than in the original, we can add "-sf newfile.jpg" to the end of the command.

Extracting Data:

Now that we can put things into pictures, we need to get it back out. To do that, run this command:

steghide extract -sf ./test.jpg -xf newfile_test.txt

This time "-sf" is our picture with data embedded inside of it. "-xf" is the new file we are copying the embeded data to.

And that is pretty much all there is to steghide. However, there are some things you should know before you go off using it.

Some things to note:

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