Introduction to Computer Networking

Introduction to Computer Networking

June 18, 2015
By: Jackobuddy

Introduction to Computer Networking

If you are currently reading this webpage then, CONGRATULATIONS! Right now, you are taking advantage of Computer Networking, the concept of connecting our computers together for the sake of sharing information. Networking is perhaps the most important part of today's computer industry. From websites to video streaming services, file sharing and printing down the hallway without having to leave your comfy chair, networking makes up the vast majority of our computer usage.

Many people never really take the time to consider how we have been able to build such a vast web of systems, nor what makes it function. An understanding of networking is a powerful tool for anyone, and is vital for those within the Information Technology workforce. Being able to set up and troubleshoot your network can save valuable time and money for you or your organization.

Although we have already somewhat defined Networking, lets go ahead and begin with a good definition for it. Networking is the practice of connecting computers to other computers, as well as other external devices, in order to improve our ability to share information, preserve data, and use resources normally inaccessible to the local machine.

Here is a list of some of the devices that benefit from computer networking:


Where to Go From Here

To begin really diving in to the vast realm of networking, you should begin by checking out our Networking Page. There you will find more tutorials like this that will begin introducing new topics.

Beyond our site, there are many other great resources across the Internet or in books. Those looking to become certified should look into the Network+ or the CCNA certifications. Network+ is a standard networking certification and CCNA is meant for those working in a Cisco networking environment. Network+ is recommended for those with little to no experience.

Please note that the tutorials on this site are not directed toward any specific certification unless otherwise specified on the page, but will cover many of the topics found on some of these exams. Those pursuing certification should look into practice tests or books provided by the certifying company, though we would recommend also continuing with some of our tutorials to get another perspective on the exam topics.

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